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We strive for historical accuracy. When it was discovered that a photo of USS Elmore was posted at the Naval History and Heritage Command (the official US Navy historical database), it was a source of pride. The title for the photo was listed as “USMC 87506 USS ELMORE (APA-42), June 1944” with Elmore supposedly at Pavavu, Russell Islands. A quick check of the ship’s deck log revealed that Elmore was actually there in early May – not June – 1944. We contacted the Heritage Command on 2 Sept 2019 with the correct historical information, and they made the following change to the caption:

Title: USS ELMORE (APA-42), June 1944
Caption: USS ELMORE (APA-42) at Pavavu, Russell Islands. Original caption indicates June 1944, but a study of deck logs indicates this may be early May 1944.

It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to correct the historical record. The correction made by the Navy archivist is appreciated.

Click on the link below to see the entry.


USS Elmore (APA-42) at Pavavu, Russell Islands, May 1944 in zig-zag camouflage paint scheme.

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